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Drive Devilbiss Sentra Wheelchair

Drive Devilbiss Sentra Wheelchair

£620.00 Regular Price
£439.00Sale Price

The Sentra wheelchairs feature generous weight capacities and seat widths, ideal for the plus-sized user. Sentra's have swing-away footrests and removable armrests, ensuring this chair is ideal for easy transfers. Double embossed vinyl upholstery is joined by a dual cross brace to ensure durabilty. Comfort to the user is essential, with height adjustable footrests being altered tool-free. The Self Propel models feature padded desk-friendly armrests and a maximum weight of 31 stone. This model also features convenient attendant drum brakes on the handles of the unit.

  • Product features

    Sturdy, carbon steel frame coated black for an attractive finish
    All models of Sentra feature solid tyres
    Dual axle position allows transition of seat height to hemi-level on the Self Propel model
    Double embossed vinyl upholstery provides comfortable support and is durable, lightweight, attractive and easy to clean
    Simple folding mechanism facilitates storage and transportation
    Footrests can be height adjusted tool-free to suit user's support requirements, can be swung out of the way to facilitate transfers or removed for storage/transportation
    Padded desk-style armrests provide additional comfort and allow unhindered access to work surfaces
    Armrests are easily removable for sideways transfer, transportation and storage
    20.3cm (8") solid front castors ensure longevity and minimum maintenance and are height adjustable in 3 positions
    Maintenance-free, sealed, precision bearings
    Plastic hand rims enable easy manoeuvering for independent user
    Attendant and user accessible parking brakes on rear wheels provide additional safety
    Available in 3 different seat widths to suit varying user sizes

  • Technical Specs

    Seat size 20", 22" or 24":

    Width open: 75cm | 80cm | 85cm

    Width closed: 32cm | 34cm | 37cm

    Length: 107cm (all)

    Height: 91cm (all)

    Seat width: 51cm | 56cm | 61cm

    Seat length: 46cm (all)

    Seat height: 50cm (all)

    Weight: 22kg | 26kg | 26kg

    Weight capacity: 200kg | 31st

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