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Drive Devilbiss AstroLite

Drive Devilbiss AstroLite

£3,040.00 Regular Price
£1,600.00Sale Price

This astronomically light scooter has a convenient rear handle and an easy grip front impact bar making it simple to lift, handle and position in a car boot, so it’s ideal for transportation. Featuring a slimline design, all round suspension and an excellent turning circle the AstroLite provides a truly exceptional ride.

  • Product features

    Super lightweight with the heaviest part weighing UNDER 10kg making it superb for transporting in and out of vehicles.
    Super fast and easy to dismantle and assemble in seconds
    All-round suspension for a supreme and comfortable ride
    Comfortable padded seat and backrest
    Fantastic appearance with metallic paint, smooth aerodynamic shroud and suspension covers
    360° swivel and removable seat helps users dismount from the scooter
    Flip up and adjustable/removable armrests helps users transfer on/off the scooter
    Exceptionally small turning circle 125cm (49˝)
    Top speed of 4mph*
    Maximum range: 6.8 miles (11km) 10.3Ah* / 11.4 miles (18.4km) 17.2Ah*
    Front Section - 89x42x37.5cm (35x16.5x14.8")
    Rear Section - 49.5x31x26cm (19.5x12.2x10.4")
    Front impact bar helps protect the shroud during impacts and also acts as a carry handle enabling the scooter to be easily lifted in and out of car boots
    Quiet, smooth and comfortable ride
    Compact scooter designed to fit into car boots
    Removable basket
    Soft and comfortable PU footmats provide additional comfort underfoot
    Solid puncture proof PU tyres
    Rear anti-tip wheels
    Automatic electromagnetic brake system
    Analogue display
    Onboard and off board charging socket with batteries included as standard
    Available with two battery sizes, 10.3Ah (airline friendly) and 17.2Ah removable lithium-ion

  • Technical Specs

    Width: 49.5cm

    Length: 109cm

    Height: 90cm

    Max speed: 4mph

    Max climb angle: 6°

    Weight capacity: 120kg | 18.9st

    Batteries: 10.3ah Li-ion (airline friendly) | 17.2ah Li-ion

    Heaaviest component: 10kg

    Max range: 10.3ah battery 6.8 miles | 17.2ah battery 11.4 miles

  • This product is priced with VAT relief

    When purchasing this product you agree to the following:

    • You are a registered charity, are chronically sick or disabled the products are being purchased on behalf of an individual who is chronically sick or disabled.
    • The product being supplied by GK's Mobility is for personal or domestic use.
    • You claim that the supply of the product is eligible for relief from VAT under the VAT Act 1994.

    At checkout you will be asked for the relevant information. If you are not eligeble for VAT relief please call us on 01376 500016.

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